While HELP is primarily involved with protecting our ecology it is also important to protect our future generations. There are numerous organizations that assist with this effort, but a little known one is right here in Hernando County. It's the New Beginnings Shelter for kids ages 10 to 17 who for one reason or another are potential runaways or are in fact homeless kids.

They are funded in part by the State of Florida and the Federal Government, but it's a requirement is that 25% of their funds are generated locally. The Children that go into this program are generally short term stay's meaning under 2 weeks. This may simply be a "time out" period to relieve family stress or a short stop on the way to a more permanent solution for the benefit of the kids. We at HELP have supported the educational efforts of youth and we encourage you to consider supporting this effort, which is coordinated with School Resource officers, Family Services and the Hernando County Sheriff's Dept. either with a financial contribution or better yet volunteering some of your time.

Youth and Family Alternatives have a nice website which I encourage you to visit.

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